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Ever Since We Opened Back In 1980, We Have Remained True To Our Founder’s Vision, And That Is a Family-Owned Business. We Provide Our Services With a Personalized Touch Since We Treat Each Home As Own. Our Company Has Been Built By Delivering Top-Notch Plumbing Services To Our Customers. We Pride Ourselves On Being Professional Plumbers And Have a Passion For Giving High-Quality Services To Our Clients. We Are a Small Local Plumbing Company Serving Toronto And Neighborhoods.

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We are Local Toronto Plumbers, Experienced, Certified and Ready to Reply Your Call 24/7.

Thepipewrenchers Plumbings & Drain Services Toronto is always prepared and has 24-hours plumbing services to serve all of The Greater Toronto Area with skilled Plumbers and affordable rates. Therefore When you Need a Plumbing job Done Well and with Integrity, Contact us.

Same-Day Plumbing Services Guaranteed For Torontonians

We Provide a Long List Of Plumbing Services In Toronto. When You Need a Plumber In The Neighborhood Then You Should Be Concerned With The Range Of Services a Plumber Offer. With The List Of Our Plumbing Services, You Will Be a Satisfied Client.

Piping And Plumbery Solutions

Thepipewrenchers Benefits From Old-Age Plumbery Solutions And Modernized Piping Techniques. Our Plumbers Are Able To Accomplish Any Pipe And Plumbing-Fixture Repairs Or Replacements. We Make An Effort To Provide You With a Cost-Effective Solution For Your Money.


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Short List Of Our Plumbing And Emergency Services In Toronto.

  • Replacement and Repair of any drains and Sewer Pipes.
  • Toilet Repairs And Replacement.
  • Garbage Disposal Services.
  • Fixing Low Water Pressure Issues.
  • Installation of Water Filtration System and Softeners.
  • Sewer and Drain Cleaning.
  • Installation of Tankless Water Heater.
  • Leaky Pipe Repair and Detection.
  • Trenchless Drain and Sewer Repair.
  • Drain / Sewer Video Inspection.
  • Sump pump Installation and Replacement.
  • Circulating Pump Installation and Repair.
  • Replacement and Repair of Sewage Pumps.
  • New Residential / Commercial Plumbing Rough-Ins And Finishings.

Replumbing Solutions

If You Are Looking For skilled And Certified Plumbers To Replumb Your Home, Office Or Your Entire Building, Then, You Have Come To The Right Plumbing Experts. Our Plumbers Are Highly Experienced To Overcome Any Replumbs Complicities With Ease. We Are Able To Assist You With Your Plan And Help You To Get The Job Done According To Your Needs. Replumbing Of Some Of The aged Plumbing Systems In Toronto is A Must. However, If You Are Not Sure Whether Your Old Place Needs To Be Replumbed Or Not, Give Us A Call And Let Us Do A Plumbing Inspection Of Your Place. There Are Cases Where You Do Not Need To Replace The Entire Piping System, And We Can Help You As Always To Save Both Time And Money By Doing An A To Z Plumbing Inspection Of Your Place. Most Common Pipes To Replace Are Cast-Iron For Residential Applications, Asbestos, Clay Pipes, Black-Iron / Steel Pipes and Any Other Soft Pipe Materials Used aboveground For Drainage And Potable Water And Blumbous / Plumbic Materials.

Slow Drainage

Slow Draining Pipes Or Fixtures Can Sometimes Bother You Without Creating a Bigger Problem. However, Slow Or Blocked Pipes Can Hurt From Time To Time By Costing You a Lot Of Money And Headache. Have You Ever Thought What Would Happen If You Have Slow Drainage In a Running Toilet Or Sink? If The Drainpipe Is Not Capable Of Taking All The Leaked Water Subsequently The Sink Or Toilet Might Backup Then Overflow, And You Certainly Don’t Want A Backed-up Or Overflowed Plumbing Fixture Especially When You Are in bed. What I’m Trying To Say Is That You Should Take Slowish Drainages Seriously And Never Wait Until It Is %100 Clogged. Plumbers Usually See Tens Of Flooding Issues Every Month, And They Are Well Familiar With This Problem. Only In Toronto, We As A Small Plumbing Company See Floods Caused By Slow Draining Pipes At Least Once Every Couple Of Days. Our Toronto Plumbing Experts Can Easily Identify The Issue And Fix The Cloggage Before Becoming Problematic.

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We Are Toronto’s Real 24 Hours Plumbing Company For All Your Residential & Commercial Plumbing Needs. Our Toronto Plumbers Have The Right Tools & Latest Technology To Take Care Of Any Drainage Problems That You May Have. We Answer Calls 24 Hours a Day And You Speak Directly To a Plumber. Same Day Service Is Our Policy. Besides, Our Plumbers Are Certified Backflow Prevention Installers And Testers For Both Sewage and Potable Water System. No Job Is Too Small Or Too Big For Our Plumbers Whether It Is Installation Of a Faucet / Toilet Or Plumbing Rough-In Of Your Entire House Or Building. Our Goal Is To Provide Our Clients With Top Quality Service And An Affordable Solution.

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Emergency Plumbing Services Toronto

We Provide You With Real 24 Hours Plumbing Services For All Your Plumbing Needs In Toronto. We Never Miss A Call From A Client. And You Speak Directly To One Of Our Master Plumbers In Toronto. Everyone Understands The Importance Of Speaking To A Plumber In Case Of Crisis Therefor Your Call Is Important To Us, And The Call Is Never Going To Be Picked Up By A Person Who Has No Knowledge Of Plumbing.

Benefits To Our Repeat Customers

  • No Extra Emergency Fee.
  • No Extra After Hours Fee.
  • Returning Client Gets Priority Of Service.
  • Plumbers Arrive Within An Hour In Case Of Emergencies.

Our Plumbers Are Super Friendly And Easy To Talk To.

Hire Us Once, And You Will Never Hire A Second Toronto Plumbing Company For The Next Service

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