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How to become a plumber

Do you love working with your hands? Does the thought of working in cramped conditions and being knee deep in mucky waters creep you out? If you’ve answered Yes and No respectively to these questions then becoming a plumber will give you plenty of opportunities to start your own business. Being a plumber or heating…

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Soldering is a method to join piping and tubing to fit­tings. It is in use primarily in plumbing and heating systems utilizing copper and brass piping and fittings. Soldering, of­ten called soft soldering, is done at temperatures under 800°F, usually in the 361°F to 500°F range. When soldering or brazing, there is a gap between…

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Floor Drain And Plumbing Rules

A Floor Drain is a plumbing fixture that is usually installed by a plumber as a means of draining water from a floor area after a spill. And it can be 2 and 3-inches in sizes. (although it is possible to find a 4-inch floor drain) A general rule of thumb is that if the floor…

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