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Faucet installation in most cases can be simple and easy to do.

However, every single DO-IT-YOURSELF job needs specific basic and fundamental understanding.

You also need the basic required tools to do the task.

And also requires you to have the capability to stick to the instruction provided by the manufacturer.

However, if you need a Licensed Plumber to do it for you, then call us at Thepipewrenchers.
our plumbers are affordable, expert and ready to help.

Continue reading if you still want to do it yourself, or if you want to learn more.

Few points you will need to know about the type of faucets and installation procedure.

Top mounted or bottom.

There are many different types of faucets to select for your kitchen and bathroom.
Compression, cartridge, disc and ball type faucets are different types to choose from.
Another important matter regarding the installation is to choose between a bottom mounted faucet or top one.

Top Mounted Faucet

Top mounted faucet might be easier to install for some homeowners.
Most of the recent models include their own mechanical seals and gaskets for easier installation.

In some cases, if the faucet doesn’t come with the own gasket, then ensure to use plumber’s putty to make a good seal and avoid getting any leak.
Place the faucet head, after applying the Plumber’s putty.

And then install the mounting washers and nuts to the tailpiece from underneath the sink.

Bottom Mounted Faucet

Bottom mounted designed faucets are installed from underneath the sink.
You will need to thread the nuts to the tailpiece, by hand.
And then install the washers from below the sink.

After that, place the escutcheons with the plumber’s putty.

Then you can adjust the handles on the top.

Finally the Supply hoses

After having the faucet in place, the only thing left is to hook up water supply lines.
Attach the right hot and cold lines to the appropriate shut off valves.

Use pipe dope or Teflon tape only if the threads are not looking good.
Verify every single connection just before you open the water supply.


You need to consider the faucet design depending on whether you will install it in the bathroom or on the kitchen sink.

Handle choices.

Double handle is more accurate for mixing hot and cold water.
However, a single handle faucet is quicker and easier to use.

Remember that you need to read the instruction of the faucet installation before you start.

Most faucet models include the guidebook instructions for installation.

Alternatively, you can find the instructions online.

Just make sure that the instruction you are following is matching your type of faucet.

However, if you think that you don’t have time for it, or even you don’t have the right tools to get it installed, then our Plumbers are ready to help you at any time.

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