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A Sump-Pump can secure your basement from being damaged by the flood.

Just imagine all your valued items stored in the basement and now imagine that the flood caused by heavy rain or a few other reasons that we go over in a few minutes, might turn your basement into a swimming pool.

Only that reason is good enough for you to install a sump pump in your basement.

Most homes have a sump pit installed in their basements.

Simply the pit collects the groundwater and then the pump will pump it out.

There are many reasons for ground water to rise up, for example, the basement might be below the water table, even the foundation drainage system might be another reason.

The pump inside the pit runs frequently to be able to prevent this pit from overflowing.

Once a float in the pit rises above a selected level, the pump is switched on immediately to drain the water out.

This is an effective and simple technique to hold the level of water safe all the time.

The pump needs a big drainage pipe that moves the collected water to a different destination away from the house same as a well, a municipal drain, or a swale.

A check valve in the drainage pipe stops the water from heading back to the drainage pipe when the pump is turned off.
Generally, most old houses have a sump pump that drains right into a sewer.

However, this is not allowed anymore because there are possibilities for overloading on that system.

There is a chance for accumulation of water when there is a heavy rain if your house is built on low ground, in this case, the sump pump is completely necessary for drainage.

Furthermore, it can reduce the chance of damage to your foundation when groundwater makes its way to the basement.

The pump will secure your house from water damage when it rains excessively and when there are snow runoffs.

In the circumstance of a power outage or power failure, you need to make sure you have a backup system in place that is powered by batteries.

And you need to check on either system regularly for power supply and the batteries.

The sump pump will not only reduce the stress on your foundation yet will even give your house protection against flooding with a small amount of maintenance and a reasonable amount of expense.

It is insurance from the damage of your valuable belongings.

It is simply an investment in your house.

That’s why I call it, money well spent.

We Can help you with the proper installation and repairs.

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