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Most of the plumbing jobs are actually not measured as a D.I.Y Project.

Let’s discuss a few of the plumbing jobs that you shouldn’t consider trying it yourself.

Including those that you believe you’re able to do.



Plumbing pipes inside the wall are difficult to deal with.
And the best is to call for a plumbing service to get if fixed or replaced.

Locating a broken or burst pipe inside the wall is not easy.

And requires advanced plumbing knowledge or special plumbing devices.

In fact, it is not all about locating the pipe and replacing it.

The plumber will examine the whole length of pipe behind the wall before you close it up.

And will take the necessary actions to prevent it from happening again, because the plumber knows that the damage from the leak is more considerable than the leak itself.

We all experience the moment that the toilet will not flush, and it is overflowing.

You most probably try to fix it.

However, soon you realize that the plunger is not working, and the water is all over the floor, or even if you fix it then it is most probably a temporary fix,
and you have to call a plumber as soon as it happens again.

The drain problem might occur with the bathtub as well, and plunging it might not help much, and using the drain cleaners is not a good idea at all.

( continue reading to understand Why).


If the Drain clogs often and the drain pipes are galvanized, then you need to get them replaced.

We don’t consider the drain cleaning as a D.I.Y project.


Our plumbers are specialized in Drain services.
We do residential and commercial drain cleaning and snaking.
Thepipewrenchers has all the necessary tools for drain services, such as power wash, all types of snaking machines and camera inspection for the drain.
We have the best rooter service.
We advise you, not to use any chemicals for drain cleaning.

Have you ever experienced a pressure drop while taking a shower?

It’s a common plumbing problem that people experience when taking a shower and the pressure drops as soon as another person flushes the toilet.

We don’t consider fixing the water pressure as D.I.Y plumbing job.

And most probably you need to install a manifold system in your house that can supply the water equally to every single plumbing fixture.

Another plumbing job which is not considered as a D.I.Y is the Replacing or repairing a Hot-Water Tank.

Always leave the installation of a Hot-Water Tank to the professionals.

Doing small D.I.Y job is just fine but never think of putting your family and yourself in danger,
call for professional and don’t wait until it is too late.

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