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Emergency plumbing might happen in any situation,

here we are going to list of a few of these situations where you have to call in for a local emergency plumbing service.


The water might suddenly stop, or the temperature might change while taking a shower or even the drain might get clogged.


What will you do then?


Certainly, you need to call in for an emergency plumbing service to get it fixed.


Similarly, in a house, you might find many Plumbing-related aspects in which plumbing service is required in an emergency situation.


Here is a list of a few common situations where you have to call a plumber for an emergency:


Broken or burst pipe:


A pipe can burst due to many reasons,

for example, in the winter the plumbing pipe can freeze and then burst, but the important thing is to know what to do when it happens.
The first thing to do when a pipe burst is to close the main water valve completely.
Then call a plumbing company in your area,


but if you live in Toronto or located in GTA,

then you know that there are many Plumbing companies offering emergency services,
Thepipewrenchers is an excellent choice for every homeowner within the GTA as we are reliable and fast responding.


Clogged Toilet or main drain pipe:

This is a serious problem in most houses.
There are many reasons for a drain or toilet to get clogged.
However, It shouldn’t be a problem if you have our plumbing emergency number saved with you,
Just call us at thepipewrenchers Plumbing Toronto and no need to worry about anything else at all.

Thepipewrenchers is based in Toronto, and We serve the GTA,

so contact us today for a free quote, whether it is an emergency or non-emergency plumbing.


The blockage can happen in the kitchen where the waste can clog the drain pipe,

or in the bathroom where the disposable can block the pipe and as a result the toilet or even the main pipe can get clogged,
the blockage can also happen in the shower drain, floor drain in the basement and any other places where a drain pipe exists.


There are many other emergency situations that Thepipewrenchers can help you with,
Homeowners can save a lot, with our services.
Call us today, talk to a plumber and get an idea about your project’s plumbing cost.

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