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Bathtub and Shower guide and installation

The bathroom is one of the most important parts in a house, and bathroom remodeling is a common project for every homeowner.

Everyone wants their bathroom, designed the way that they always desired.

However, deciding on a bathtub installation and choosing between a shower and a bathtub is not always easy.
And even after making your mind, it is still full of surprises, because of the options available in colors, accessories and also varieties of showers and bathtubs in the market.

Homeowners usually find it challenging to concentrate on their requirements.

 Here we are going to discuss specific types of shower bathtubs for a perfect bathroom.

A regular type of bathtub is the one you see in most of the new homes,
they are simple to install, and the price is very affordable.

And in most cases, you need to buy the drain and shower part separately.

The second option is handicap tubs and showers.
if you have someone in your home that is handicapped or with some other disabilities, then you might consider installing a handicap tub or shower, that way they can shower day-to-day without another person’s help.

Handicap showers and tubs are more expensive than the regular ones, but they are loaded with the great safety features, for the person who is handicapped or aged.

Nowadays, a bathtub or a shower can come with different features such as steam and jets,

if you’re planning to install a steam shower, then our advice is to add a steam shower door as it protects your bathroom from damaging.

There are many different types of bathtubs and showers with plenty of features available in the market,
that’s why hiring one of our Toronto plumbers is a smart idea as they are not only helping you with the bathtub installation, but they can help you with your selection as well,
a professional can also assist you in accessory’s selection based on your requirements.

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