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At the time of serious rainfall, municipal sewer pipes can potentially get full and overloaded, causing a sewer backup entering homes located on the lower ground.

A backflow valve or backwater valve can stop the sewage from backing up into your home and creating potentially considerable damages to your property.

A backwater valve can be installed on the main pipe carrying out waste products from your home into the municipal sewer system.

It can be installed in your basement, below the floor, or outside the house exactly where the main pipe leaves the property.

Thepipewrenchers plumbers help you to avoid flooded basement by installing a backwater valve in your home.

The valve remains wide open, while under normal circumstances, to allow the waste water and products to flow easily from your home to the city sewer pipe.

However, the valve closes itself, if the city pipe backs up, and it will prevent the backup from entering to your home.

In most municipalities, the backwater valve is mandatory to be installed in new homes.

The Backwater valve can also be installed in older homes, but in some cases, it can be expensive, but don’t worry about it as in some areas the cost of installing a backwater valve in an existing home can be partially subsidized or qualified for a rebate and refund.

Verify with your municipality about the rebate programs in your area.

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