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Thepipewrenchers Plumbing & Drain Services is always prepared and has 24-hours plumbing services to serve all of The Greater Toronto Area with skilled Plumbers and affordable rates. When you Need a Plumbing job Done Well and with Integrity, Contact us.

Plumbers installing urinals

Same-Day Plumbing Services

We provide a long list of plumbing services. When you need a plumber In The Greater Toronto Area And The Neighborhood then you should be concerned with the range of services a plumber offer. With the list of ThePipeWrenchers Plumber Toronto, you will be a satisfied client.

Plumbing Solutions

Thepipewrenchers benefits from old-age solutions and modernized techniques. Our Plumbers are able to accomplish any kind of repair or replacement. We make an effort to provide you with a cost-effective solution for your money


Plumbing And Emergency Services.

  • Replacement and Repair of any drain and Sewer Pipe
  • Replacement and Repair of Toilet
  • Replacement and Repair of Garbage Disposal
  • Fixing Low Water Pressure Issues
  • Installation of Water Filtration System and Softeners
  • Sewer and Drain Cleaning
  • Installation of Tankless Water Heater
  • Leaky Pipe Repair and Detection
  • Trenchless Drain and Sewer Repair
  • Drain / Sewer Video Inspection
  • Sump pump Installation and Replacement
  • Circulating Pump Installation and Repair
  • Replacement and Repair of sewage pumps

(416) 879-2050

(416) 879-2050


We Do Have Both Hourly And Flat-Rate Pricing

*For Hourly Booking, You Need To Send Us An Email To Info@ThePipeWrenchers.ca And Mention The Hourly Booking In The Subject.

You Need To Decide Between The Hourly & Flat-Rate Pricing Before The Schedule Is Set. And By Default The Schedule Will Be Set To Flat-Rate Unless You Mention That You Need Hourly-Rate Pricing.

The Client Is Responsible For providing Parking Space For The Plumber.

Hourly-Rate Pricing Details

  • First Hour:
    • $150 Per Plumber.
    • Property Managements & Chain Stores (By Contract Only):
      • $135 Per Plumber.
  • Each Additional Hour:
    • $90 Per Plumber.
    • Property Managements & Chain Stores (By Contract Only):
      • $85 Per Plumber.
  • Materials are extra if needed and will be quoted by the technician.
  • Emergency / After hours fee $100.
    • Any plumbing job performed outside the regular hours will be considered as after hours / emergency service.
    • Same Day Service Is Considered as Emergency Service.
    • No Emergency / After Hours Fee For Returning Clients.
  • Drain camera inspection costs extra $200.
  • Drain snaking using a Ridgid K45 machine costs extra $100.
  • Drain snaking using a Ridgid K60 machine costs extra $200.
  • Shop-Vac Costs extra $50.
  • W.C Auger Costs Extra $30.
  • Drain Power-Wash / Hydro-Jetting costs extra $400.
  • Installation and/or Service of Sump-Pump, Sewage-Pump, Sewer Backwater Valve and other similar Devices and fixtures will cost extra and will be quoted by the plumber.
  • Services such as excavations cost extra and will be quoted by the technician.
  • Disposal and Cleaning
    • unfortunately, we do not have any disposal services. However, our plumbers always sweep the site after the job is done.

All Prices Are Before Tax

(416) 879-2050


30 Days Warranty includes with any plumbing and drainage services performed by our plumbers.


  • Drain Cleaning Services for 3-inch size pipes and above requires camera inspection in order to be covered by the warranty program.
  • Warranty will be null and void if the client does not follow the instruction mentioned on the invoice.


A client calls for a clogged toilet, and the assigned plumber resolves the blockage and instructs the client clearly on the invoice to not flush any objects other than toilet papers down the drain pipe, the same blockage happens again, and client calls for the service. If the technician identifies that the customer hasn’t followed the instruction or the service has passed the 30 days of the warranty period, then the customer pays again for the service.


The Plumber issues the invoice on-site, right after finishing the job, and The client must pay the amount to the technician in full.

We accept only the following types of payment.

Debit Card, Credit Card, Certified Cheque or Cash

*%3 fee applies for any Credit Card transactions

(416) 879-2050

Plumbing Services

Plumbing & Drain Services

We are the real 24 Hours Plumbing Company for all your Residential & Commercial Plumbing needs.

Drain cleaning service

Our plumbers have the right tools & latest technology to take care of any drainage problems That You May have.

Emergency Plumbing Services

We Answer Calls 24 Hours a Day and You Speak Directly to a Plumber. We Have Same Day Plumbing Services.

Kitchen Sinks Installation

Ensure The Proper Installation of Your New Kitchen Sink by Hiring One of Our Plumbers. Our Technicians Are On-time and Courtice.

Backwater valve installation

We have Installed Hundreds of Backwater valves In The GTA. Our Plumbers are Well Experienced And Licensed.

Backflow Preventer Installation

Our Plumbers Are Certified Backflow Prevention Installers and Testers. Quality and Affordability Guaranteed.

Faucet Installation

Our professional plumbers will be able to install or Replace your new faucets for you with no issues.

Toilet Installations & Repairs

Our plumbers can help resolve any issue that you may have with your toilets. Easy and Affordable Service.

(416) 879-2050

Toto Wall-Mount Toilet Installation

Emergency Plumbing Services

The water might suddenly stop, or the temperature might change while taking a shower or even the drain might get clogged. What will you do then? Indeed, you need to call in for an emergency plumbing service to get it fixed. Similarly, in a house, you might find many Plumbing-related aspects in which plumbing service is required in an emergency situation. Here is a list of a few everyday situations where you have to call a plumber for an emergency: Broken or Burst Pipe, Clogged Toilet, Sink or Main Drain Pipe. Thepipewrenchers is an excellent choice for any of your emergency plumbing needs within the GTA as we are reliable and fast responding. Our plumbers are fully licensed and insured. We make sure we always have a plumber ready to go in case of emergencies. 

(416) 879-2050

Here are some of the benefits for our customers when they hire us as their service provider.

  • We do not charge our returning clients any extra fees for emergency Services.
  • We do not charge our returning clients any additional fees for after hour services.
  • We are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Our Plumbers are at your doorstep within one hour from the time that you contact us, no matter what time in a day or night you call us.
  • You speak directly to a plumber whenever you call, which can be very helpful if you are in an emergency situation and the plumber can guide you before he gets to the site.
  • Our prices are fair, reasonable & Competetive.
  • Returning clients will receive $20 off every time they call for a plumber.
  • We are Honest and Reliable.
  • Our plumbers do their best to avoid the second trip for the same problem.
  • We have a warranty for all the performed plumbing jobs by our technicians.

I think I mentioned enough points that why we are number one trusted plumbing company for over 3000 residence of Greater Toronto Area. However, here is another one if the above bullet points are not enough.


(416) 879-2050

Call us once, and you will never hire a second plumbing company for the next service.

Free Standing tub Installation

The Pipe Wrenchers is a local plumbing company which provides both residential and commercial services

Ever since we opened back in 1980, we have remained true to our founder’s vision, and that is a family-owned business. We provide our services with a personalized touch since we treat each home as own. We built our company by delivering top-notch plumbing services to our customers. We pride ourselves on being professional plumbers and have a passion for giving high-quality services to our clients. We started as a small local plumbing company serving Toronto, but we’ve grown over the years and now serve the entire Greater Toronto Area.

(416) 879-2050

We Serve All of The Greater Toronto Area

24 Hours of Plumbing Services In GTA, Our Plumbers are Ready To Respond To Any of Your Emergency Or Non-Emergency Plumbing Needs. We Provide Plumbing Services to the entire Greater Toronto Area. You Can Call Us at (416) 879-2050 To Speak Directly To a Plumber or Send Us an Email to Info@Thepipewrenchers.ca

The Pipe Wrenchers


A professional local plumber in Toronto who wants to build and then continue to keep excellent popularity is aware that representing superb plumbing skills merely is part of the job. Our plumbers in downtown Toronto are respectful to the customer, Customer’s property or home, and the broader environment. Our technicians will be able to work promptly with no mess and will be glad to provide you with expert guidance on alternative options that could help you save money to make your plumbing and heating system more efficient.


We provide both residential and commercial plumbing services in Etobicoke. Our plumbers are ready 24/7, and they arrive within minutes from your phone call. We are located in south Etobicoke, and we cover the entire Etobicoke for any plumbing service such as drain cleaning services, small plumbing repairs and new plumbing rough-in and finishing. Our Technicians are licensed and experienced. They won’t leave unless you are satisfied.


We have Finished hundreds of residential and commercial plumbing projects in Mississauga since we have started our plumbing services in Mississauga. Our plumbing technicians are experienced enough to handle any commercial plumbing project. We provide both emergency and non-emergency plumbing services to residents of Mississauga and as always we make sure our clients are happy before we leave the job site.

(416) 879-2050

Installation of a Kitchen sink

Happy Customers

These guys are awesome! Super knowledgeable and professional and personable. They don’t just do what you ask – they assess the situation and give their professional opinion which in my case was far less ‘plumbing surgery’ than I had thought. Would highly recommend. Sanjar is the man!
Chris Johnston

Excellent service, we had frozen pipes, we called and they arrived within 1/2 hour. Suggested we heat a certain area of the house to help defrost the pipe. Called the next morning letting them know it did not work. They arrived within 2 hours…….he explained every step of the way. After several hours we had water! I highly recommend this company!! We will definitely call them again.
Pegg Thompson


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