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Leaky Pipes, Plumbing Problems and the effects to your property

The burst pipe is a major problem for any residential and commercial properties that can potentially lead to a Flood.

You need to Call a Licensed Plumber as soon as you notice a leaking pipe or if you see that the Plumbing system is not working the way that it suppose to work.

An indoor flood caused by a burst pipe means spending more money for repairs and fixing, and it is smart to have regular maintenance to avoid any emergency situation.

 24 Hour Plumbers are all over The Greater Toronto Area and ready to provide services to their clients.

However, Emergency Plumbing fix will cost you more than a non-emergency repair, and it is not only broken pipe that can cause such condition.
A clogged toilet and any other blocked drain or maybe a water backup to your basement or even any malfunctioning fixture is considered as an emergency circumstance and requires immediate action.

Mold, Poor water quality, and Drop of water pressure are risks of bad plumbing.

Leaking Pipes can be the reason of building mold on the walls and under the plumbing fixtures such as sink and toilet.

Moistures inside the walls, under the sink and in the basement can cause mold to grow, and it makes an ideal spot for them.

You can easily stop the mold from growing by replacing the old valves inside your home and repairing any possible leak and keeping your property dry (Keep the humidity level below %45 to %50) and clean.

Poor Plumbing System, especially for the sewage pipes, can be the reason of bad smell in your home.

Every fixture in your home should have a trap.

P-Trap is the most common type of trap installed by a plumber.

The reason for using a P-trap is to stop the sewer gasses from flowing to your home from the drain pipes.
There is always water in the P-trap to water seal and preventing the bad smell from the drain lines.
A Plumber makes sure that the trap is installed correctly and works the way that it should be.

Usually, traps with little usage need to be guarded with a trap seal primer.

By installing a Trap-Seal-Primer, you make sure that there is always water in the trap to prevent the gasses from drifting to your home or building.

It is crucial to hire a licensed plumber to take care of plumbing in your home,
most of the Plumbing projects are not D.I.Y(Do It Yourself).
Therefore you need to employ a registered plumber to help you and solve problems regarding your plumbing.

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