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How to Install a Toilet

Installing a Toilet, Step by Step with no Step skipped A guide provided to you by ThePipeWrenchers Plumbing Toronto (416) 879-2050 There are many reasons to install a new toilet. Your toilet might be old and you need to replace it, or you might have flushed something which is blocking the toilet or maybe you…

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Plumbing Pipes and measurements

INTRODUCTION TO PLUMBING PIPES AND PIPE MEASUREMENTS Plumbing is a single part of the industry that uses PIPE as a means of moving gas or a liquid. Some of these other indus­ tries are refrigeration, industrial process piping, pneumatics, and hydronic heating. Rigid pipe derives its’ name from the material it is manufacturing from and…

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a 10% Plumbing Discount for Toronto

Plumbing Discount Toronto ThePipeWrenchers offers a 10% discount on labor for any Plumbing job in Toronto. This discount is only available in the city of Toronto until the end of December 2016. The customer should provide the discount coupon code to the assigned plumber. You can write us an email and ask for the discount…

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Dishwasher and how it Works in details

I want to start with requiring temperature and water heater setting, as it is very important for the safety of you and your family. Most dishwashers come with heating systems or elements which raise the temperature to about ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY de­grees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, a few specific types of dishwashers do…

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Plumbing tools

HAND TOOLS AND POWER TOOLS.         ABS Pipe Cutter: This tool is for making External precision cuts into ABS piping systems, and like ABS pipes, It comes in different variety of sizes and styles. It is a good idea for a plumber or an apprentice to purchase a cutter that will accommodate…

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Floor Drain And Plumbing Rules

A Floor Drain is a plumbing fixture that is usually installed by a plumber as a means of draining water from a floor area after a spill. And it can be 2 and 3-inches in sizes. (although it is possible to find a 4-inch floor drain) A general rule of thumb is that if the floor…

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Soldering is a method to join piping and tubing to fit­tings. It is in use primarily in plumbing and heating systems utilizing copper and brass piping and fittings. Soldering, of­ten called soft soldering, is done at temperatures under 800°F, usually in the 361°F to 500°F range. When soldering or brazing, there is a gap between…

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