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Thepipewrenchers is a small company running by family members and have experienced and professional plumbers.


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The experts at Thepipewrenchers accurately diagnose your plumbing problem and complete the repair and replacement.


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We benefit from old-age solutions and modernized techniques.
We are able to accomplish any kind of repair or replacement.
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Finding the right Plumber

Having the ability to get your plumbing issues fixed can be tough. The problem that some people may get into is that they might not know how to find plumbing and drain services.
There are few decent plumbing companies in Toronto that provide great plumbing and Drain Services throughout the GTA.
Plumbing services had never looked this excellent as that which is available with the few of these plumbing companies.
Many property owners in Toronto / GTA research the Internet for their local plumbing companies to sort out their various plumbing problems.
We make sure that you can never get anywhere better when it comes to fixing major plumbing problems or full-scale plumbing.
We will always offer you the best rate and highest plumbing quality whenever you require it.
ThePipeWrenchers even offers an emergency plumbing service, ready to give you any sort of prompt help that you may require.
We give our customers the most comprehensive warranties that they may come across in the entire market of plumbing companies.
We are always on the mode of updating ourselves in plumbing services and offerings.
You will simply receive the greatest of modern-day technology and will have little to worry about your plumbing problems.
When you are with us, you will only be in the hands of one of the best Toronto plumbers,

Plumbing is a truly important part of any residential and commercial structure.
Plumbing makes certain that life-sustaining fluids are sent to gathering depots, and wastes are taken away into the sewerage.
Sometimes you can handle plumbing problems by yourself, using a simple tool, like a wrench, however, if you believe you have a bigger plumbing problem, then you should get in touch with plumbing contractors to detect and apply the proper solution and that's exactly the time to count on us.

Listed below are a few of common residential and commercial plumbing problems one that can appear in home and office environment.

1. Toilet.
Typical issues with regards to toilet plumbing consist of having clogs, insufficient flushing, hearing unusual sounds, and difficulties to stop the water from running.
Some of these issues are caused by broken toilet parts, so the plumber should be reached to replace the flappers, damaged valves and take out built up wastes, or adjust toilet pressure.

2. Water Heater.
People usually complain concerning insufficiency of supply, low pressure, and unusual noises.
These may possibly be caused by defective parts, incorrect installation of the tank, deposit's build up in the pipes and high-temperature configurations.

3. Shower.
This can possibly be leaking, temperature change or clogged drain.
For shower leaks, probably the right treatment would be to replace the damaged part.
For temperature issues, the plumber is going to inspect first, as this could possibly be caused by water heater tank deposit built up, damaged gas water heater pilot's light, corroded water pipes, or disabled water heater controls.
A clogged drain is something you might be able to fix by yourself if it is the result of a mineral build up.
However, you might need to call us if you looking forward to getting it fixed properly as we have all the necessary equipment and professional plumbers to help you.

4. Bathtub and Sink.
It is not uncommon for customers to experience plumbing problems when it comes to their bathtub and sink.
Clogged drain, low water pressures, and temperature change are some common plumbing issues.
If there are low quality or worn-out parts, then our plumber will get them replaced.
The same applies to inappropriate installation or configurations, along with other problems, like whistling pipes, slow drainage, and burst pipes.

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Local plumbing company with over three decades of combined experience in Residential and Commercial.

Our Plumbers are Specialized in Renovation, Remodeling, and mechanical work.

Quality is our #1 Priority.

We Take Pride in What We Do.

We’re local,experienced, certified and ready to reply your call 24/7

Our service markets involve Residential, Commercial, and Industrial.

When you need a plumbing job done well and with integrity, contact us. (416)879-2050


Why it is best to employ the services of a Licensed Plumber

The experience of Hiring a plumber can be complicated.
Sometimes, it is an emergency situation, and you require plumbing services quickly.
You might not have time to contact relatives and friends for suggestions and referrals, or even contact a few plumbers.


Things to consider whenever you are looking for plumbers.


Some customers are not aware that there are actually licensed and unlicensed plumbers and the impact is usually significant to get a Plumbing job accomplished up to code and on time.
Licensed plumbers may cost more, but often just spending a very little more, in the beginning, can save you a lot, over time.


Listed below are a few tips to consider for your next plumbing repair job.



The Licensed plumbers are properly trained:

and the qualification procedure for a licensed plumber is in depth and considerable.
It is not just a piece of paper to receive by spending money on a short-term training course.
Licensed plumbers are obligated to have hundreds of hours of training school and must have five years of working experience with a licensed plumber. Consequently, a licensed plumber is a perfectly trained, very well educated contractor, and he or she will have the experience required to handle any plumbing job.



The Licensed Plumber is insured:

If a mistake or maybe an incident takes place at work, a licensed plumber will certainly have the coverage and compensation to pay towards the costs. With an unlicensed plumber, you are going to be responsible for covering up any injuries and damages.
The licensed plumber will certainly save you money.
An unlicensed plumber might seem to be a deal at the beginning. However, the licensed plumber will help you save considerably more money over time simply by doing the job correctly. Thepipewrenchers plumbers will always use the right tools and quality parts.
When you seek the services of an unlicensed plumber, you most likely finding yourself being required to hire a licensed plumber to fix the plumbing work at the end.



The Licensed Plumber always goes by the Rules:

For a licensed plumber in order to remain certified, he or she should always stick to the regulations and rules.
And this is very beneficial if you are building a new home or extending the current one, and you want everything to be done up to code.

A licensed plumber will always follow the rules and regulations and won't cut corners.

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